Moses Yale Beach at about the time he took over the New York Sun (1836)

In this Art, this is a framework that conceptualizes a Metaverse

This is a screen capture from a Sway page that is continually updated as a compendium of Internet content on this as one of several ongoing works of generative conceptual art dealing directly with Artificial Intelligence.

Meet the artist on the weekend of August 14–15, 2021 during the Saugerties Artists Tour

This one copy of a total of twenty-eight 24” x 36” screen prints of a photo montage of historic works, was digitized as an artifact in its own right because it was exhibited continuously for the months before and after the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Woodstock Festival concert in 1994, informing visitors about the roots of the place they were experiencing by the thousands. For meta data and enlargeable views go to

Michael Sullivan Smith

writes imaginings, history, has a few patents; invented mechanisms and their products; still thinks like a calligrapher while building stone land art knots

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